Our Programme


We recognise the importance of developing your child’s fullest potential. That is why Chen Li Kindergarten has customized our classes to your child’s needs and made the curriculum as fun as possible.


Six Main Learning Domains:

  • Language & Literacy

    Progressive theme-based learning conducted in both English and Chinese languages. Listening, speaking, reading and writing are integrated to develop and build our children’s skills and concepts based on a set of rules that will build a strong foundation for learning.


  • Discovery of the World

    We hone children’s sense of wonder as we create an environment where they can observe, make prediction, compare, contrast, investigate and find answers for themselves. The process of discovery will enable them to better understand and appreciate the world they live in.


  • Aesthetics & Creative Expression

    Children love art and craft as they experiment with different elements of art such as lines, patterns, textures and create their own work with various materials. Children are also drawn to music and our curriculum includes singing with actions, accompanied with percussion instruments and rhythmic body movements. Basic music theory, solfedge and aural training form part of the creative music program.


  • Numeracy

    Matching, sorting, grouping, comparing, sequencing, counting, patterning and spatial awareness are some of the numeracy concepts our children will be exposed to. Knowing numbers and their relationships, such as more or less than, number bonds or part-whole concepts, are developed through interacting with concrete materials and real objects.


  • Motor Skills Development

    Fundamental movements and motor skills are developed through indoor and outdoor activities. These include locomotor and non-locomotor skills training such as running, bending, kicking, balancing, throwing, catching, jumping, climbing and striking. Gymnastics activities are conducted weekly. Manipulative and fine motor skills are honed through activities such as stacking blocks, paper tearing, folding, cutting threading and kneading.


  • Social Emotional Development

    Children learn most through interacting with one another. We provide lots of opportunities for them to get to know themselves and others as they immerse in group and individual work. Their ability to get along with others and acquiring positive dispositions, such as appreciation, will be developed as they learn to manage and understand their own emotions. Character building is instilled through planned programs and daily routines, such as completing assigned work.



Class outings are organized every term to enhance children’s learning beyond classrooms.

Learning experiences are reinforced through interacting with the natural environment. Such experiences are also documented for extended learning indoors to further build upon their understanding of the knowledge acquired.