Children (and even adults) often look up at other people as heroes not realising that the hero lies in them too. Although it is good to respect and want to emulate another person whom the child thinks is a hero, it is even better to realise that he/she can be a hero too. We will be introducing a brand new community service program for K1 and K2 children. It is called, The Explorer. It will begin on 1 April, 2016 and runs every Friday morning from 8.30am to 9.45am. The only cost to you as parents would be $34 for their uniform. As and when we have a field trip, we will inform you of the cost.


The Explorers’ Programme has 2 basic end-goals: to develop fantastic kids and awesome adults. The programme is deliberate in its method of delivery, delivering a relevant, child-friendly platform for character development. At the same time, it encourages Adult Volunteers to grow new skills and an awareness of what’s needed to mentor the next generation.


Our Curriculum - A 4 Dimensional Journey on 4 Discovery Islands

Explorer lessons are about what kids can be, not just what they can do. Every meeting carries with it a focus on a particular life lesson taught in the context of real-world discovery and skills. The Programme helps you to achieve the learning goals put in place by the Ministry of Education for pre-school institutions.


Explorers embark on a 4 Dimensional Journey** to:

1. Discover the World around them - acquire new skills and a curious, adventurous spirit.

2. Discover their Place in the World - have a sense of purpose and significance

3. Discover the Needs of Others - be sensitive to the needs of others

4. Discover Themselves - grow as a resilient, grateful and giving child

This learning journey takes place on 4 Discovery Islands - each island with a series of achievable awards which help form the core of a child’s total development:

1. Wow! Island

• Naturalist - kids learn about fauna and flora from land, sea and sky; and how each is uniquely designed for a purpose.
• Nutritionist - kids become aware of the concept of ‘you are what you eat’; able to make wise choices in their lifestyle, habits and the food they eat.
• Little Einstein - kids develop curiosity and knowledge in the sciences.

2. Hale Island

• Community Service - kids learn to be aware and care for the world they live in and how they can play a part from a young age.
• First Aid - basic indoor and outdoor safety, attend to injury and how to respond in an emergency.
• Heritage - kids learn to be aware of their roots, culture and traditions, developing respect and appreciation for others and themselves.

3. Action Island

• Adventure - activities that develop a spirit of adventure, fun and perseverance.
• Drill - instill discipline, basic listening and psycho-motor skills.
• Sports and Games - teamwork, fair-play and pscyho-motor development.

4. Treasure Island

• Life Skills - basic skills needed for daily living like household chores, buying and selling, budgeting etc.
• Art and Aesthetics - kids learn to be patient and attentive as they express their thoughts in various forms.
• Character Development (landmark award) - making the right decisions in life, expressing and living out timeless values.



Based on an effective framework used in Primary and Secondary schools in Singapore, the Explorers’ Programme is expressed through simple yet powerful lessons carried out each week:


Roll-calls, warm up, songs and the likes to get kids excited and ready!


A life lesson or story


Learning activity based on one of the achievable awards


Time for play and/or reflection