Green Apple Culture Communication

Let your child learn Chinese at an early age; let them benefit for their whole lives.


Chinese Speech and Drama

Course objectives:

  • Learn standard Mandarin.
  • Enrich and develop the child’s observation, imagination, and creativity skills, concurrently provide and environment conductive for a child’s mental and psychological development.
  • Build up the child’s courage and confidence; instill a sense of self-discipline and positive attitude towards group activities and cooperation.


Course Contents:

  • Tongue twisters, nursery rhymes, Tang poetry, children poetry, recitation of short selections, story listening and riddles, etc.
  • Theatre games, group activities, sensory training, body language, role-playing, story enactment and short sketches.








- 学习标准华语

- 丰富及发展儿童的观察力,想象力和创造力,同时为幼儿的心智发展提供空间。

- 提高学员的胆量,培养自律精神,学习与他人沟通,合作。



- 绕口令,儿歌,唐诗,儿童诗,短文朗读,听故事,猜谜语等

- 剧场游戏,集体游戏,感官训练,肢体造型,角色扮演,故事表演,短剧等。